Bulk stockpiles are a precious and valuable commodity. We make all of our stockpile covers with that in mind. That’s why we have put over 30 years of manufacturing experience into our covers. That is also why we use high quality polyethylene and innovative manufacturing techniques to ensure that our covers won’t rip, tear or break-down. No pile is too large for our covers. We manufacture covers up to 45,000sq ft.
Tel: 1 800 388 7871
Why Choose Our Covers?
- Widest width material utilized for less seams
- Durable, long lasting UV stabilized
- Domestic Materials
- Heat sealed or sewn seams
- Standard 100’ x 200’ covers in stock
- Fast delivery
- Multi-plant location in Canada/USA
HPI 2-Cover System
Our 2-Cover system can provide further protection against harsh winds that can carry away the material along with your profit. The base cover is a solid polyethylene cover which can repel water. The top cover is a woven mesh polyethylene cover which allows the wind to penetrate between the 2 layers. This action create a suction pulling the top layer to the bottom.